About Don Mathias

Don Mathias Jr. is an award winning freelance illustrator and cartoonist. Born and raised in northern Massachusetts, Don received his BFA in Illustration and graphic design at Montserrat College of Art, a small traditional art school located on the North Shore coast of Massachusetts.

In the years since graduating in 1998, Don has been busily producing a variety of freelance illustration in all aspects of publishing, the film industry, and in theatre. Don's award winning cartoons and comic strips have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers across the globe. He has written and drawn the family comic strip, Entering Andover, with Neil Fater, which has consistently run on a weekly basis in the Andover Townsman for the past ten years. Peanizles, an urban comic strip with a diverse cast, that transcends traditional newspaper comics, has been published by Skope Magazine since 2002, to rave reviews.

Besides creating art, Don has been teaching illustration, cartooning, and traditional and nontraditional art at various schools and colleges across New England, since 2000.